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6 months after its launch, the New Life program already has 46 rescues. 


After the signature of our first sponsor, the Zolux group, in October, many companies have chosen to join the Label
1% For Animals
. These financial resources, combined with our highly committed team of volunteers, have already enabled us to save many lives.

Among the rescue missions carried out in the last six years six last six months, we have taken care of 46 animals, mostly cats, but also two rabbits and several dogs. Our mission will even more so accelerate with the support of our entire community and the growing collaboration with the member associations of the YouCare Network.

From left to right, our thirteenth Tyron rescue, our seventh Panpan rescue and our tenth Rio rescue.

In the face of war in Ukraine, the New Life program has saved 15 lives. 

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in March 2022, the YouCare Association and the 1% For Animals Label are committed to saving lives in the country. With Les 3 Dindes, we organized a convoy to Poland to send 25 tons of donations. On the way back, this association repatriated 10 animals from Ukrainian shelters. 

The same week, the association Datcha also entrusted us with 5 cats. In total, we take care of 9 cats and 3 dogs, 3 other dogs are taken care of in the south by partner shelters of the association Les 3 Dindes.

Among the animals that we have taken care of, we find Salsa and Martin, Oops, Sissy, Cookie or Cooper.

On the left, the inseparable Salsa and Martin. On the right, Sissy.

Upon arrival at YouCare, all animals are placed directly into foster care. Thanks to our committed volunteers, we were able to find these 12 families in less than 48 hours. 

In parallel, we have opened an online fund to finance the transportation of these animals. Thanks to our many donors, we managed to collect more than 2,000 euros in donations in a single day.  

The veterinary care of the animals is taken care of by the association AVA – Agir pour la Vie Animale. 

Indeed, all animals are under veterinary supervision and must make regular appointments.

Today, Sonya, Sissy, Lony and the others are pampered in their foster homes. Some of them, traumatized by the war, find it more difficult than others to let themselves be approached, but the patience and kindness of our host families reassure them. 

Veterinary and sanitary follow-up

We apply a strict sanitary protocol when our survivors pass through our facilities. We are also rigorous about their medical follow-up. Our care in Paris is supported by the very committed veterinarians, Dr. Balouka and Dr. Bismuth in their clinic in Levallois.

As far as living beings are concerned, one never knows what to expect and that is wonderful !

Every day, our team receives alerts from local pounds. As the popularity of our first Levallois branch grows, many people are also beginning to contact us for help after dropping out. 

Working on the New Life program is a very interesting project, we never know in advance what life we will save the next day. Animals are like us, they have their own personality. Through our foster families, we get to know them, and then during the 6 months following their adoption, we ask regularly for news in order to follow their progress in their new life.

Our second rescue, Silver, late October on the left and late December on the right.

Left: Pistachio on the day of her pick-up. Right: 3 months later, Pistache, renamed Lulu, accompanied by her 3 sisters.

Thank you to our sponsors without whom nothing would be possible, to our volunteers, to our community and to all those who support us every day to save lives.

The New Life program is funded by the 1% For Animals Label and the YouCare Association donors.

You can find the list of the Label’s sponsors on the website:
1% For Animals