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Show your commitment to the protection of animals and their habitats!

By joining our Label, you will be able to add the 1% For Animals logo on your products and services. This way you show your customers your commitment to the protection of animals and their habitats. Together we save lives.

Engage your company and your employees in a philanthropic adventure!

A company’s commitment is an important factor in recruiting new employees and keeping your team motivated. By joining the 1% For Animals Label, you will receive a regular report with photos and videos of the projects realized thanks to your donations.

How to join our 1% For Animals Label?

Corporate sponsors of the 1% For Animals commit to donating 1% of their turnover.

Under certain conditions, a company can limit its donations to a range of products or services. In this case, the company pays 1% of the price of the product or service on which the logo is affixed 1% For Animals.

In order to frame your participation in this great philanthropic project, your status as a sponsor and your right to use the 1% For Animals are defined in our sponsorship agreement.

If your company is domiciled in France, then it can deduct from its corporate income tax all or part of the donations it has made during the year.

This tax reduction is limited to 60% of the amount of all payments made during the year and cannot exceed 20,000 euros or 0.5% of the annual turnover excluding tax.

To label your company, please contact us at this address:

Which company can be labeled?

All requests for membership in the label are examined to ensure that the activity of the sponsoring company is in line with our values and missions.

For example, a company that has been convicted of polluting a natural environment or that has been sanctioned on issues related to animals and biodiversity cannot be part of the 1% For Animals program.

If we refuse a label, we always give reasons.

To label your company, please contact us at this address:

Who collects the donations and how are they used?

Donations made by corporate sponsors are collected by the YouCare Association and managed through a Philanthropic Committee.
The Committee is made up of the members of the YouCare Association, the main corporate sponsors and well-known people in the field of animal and nature protection.
Each year, the Committee controls the donations that have been used and decides on the distribution of the donations to be allocated to the different projects supported by the Label.
The Label continuously sends its patrons photo and video content as well as statistical reports showing the evolution of the missions carried out in the field.