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Our mission:
Saving lives

The 1% For Animals Label unites companies to protect animals and biodiversity

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Presentation of the 1% For Animals Label


The 1% For Animals Label sponsors commit to donating 1% of their turnover.

Thanks to these donations, the Label carries out major projects every year to protect animals and their habitats.

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Our 4 main missions

Preserve and recreate natural wildlife habitat

The Label acts to protect the natural habitat of wild animals on land and sea. In the oceans, we mainly carry out missions to clean up pollution and recreate coral reefs, which are essential for the survival of the marine ecosystem. On land, large reforestation missions will be carried out thanks to the YouCare Nursery network.

Protecting, caring for and finding homes for abused or abandoned pets

The Label helps its network of partner associations with financial, material, human, logistical or administrative means. The Label also aims to create shelters to fill the lack of space in some areas. Finally, the Label intervenes in domestic animal rescues and helps the pound to distribute abandoned animals in its network of partner shelters or in foster homes.

Working internationally to protect threatened and endangered wildlife

The Label intervenes with competent associations or directly in the field, to set up actions to save threatened wild animal species. This can be done, for example, by supporting a sanctuary, fighting poaching, developing a plan to secure, protect or reproduce a species, or developing new technologies to safeguard these species.

Rescuing animals around the world

The Label has created a unique network of associations and wildlife specialists to carry out animal rescues, regardless of their location or species.