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Officially launched in August 2022, the YouCare Hives project was funded by the 1% For Animals Label and donors to the YouCare Association.


Faced with the increase in animal abandonment in France, shelters and animal protection associations are often saturated. In this area, food is the primary material need of an association. The collection of this commodity requires a lot of time and organization from volunteers. In order to relieve their teams and so that they can concentrate on their rescues, we have created a Food Bank dedicated to animals.


The goal of YouCare Hives is to collect food and material donations and redistribute them to animal protection associations.



tons of donations already distributed

Our network :

Thanks to the 1% For Animals network, our team is in contact with many committed companies that make important donations to increase our stocks.

Through the YouCare Network, we have a network of more than 400 partner animal welfare organizations. Some are sometimes saturated with donations and others have urgent needs. Our team is in permanent contact with our partner associations in order to make this distribution of donations, necessary for their good use.


YouCare Hives receive a large number of donations from various partners. In addition to being members of the 1% For Animals Label, two companies are particularly committed to this project.

The Zolux Group donates large quantities of material to Animal Protection Associations.

LAPSA also donates large quantities of food through a partnership established in July 2022. For every package of food sold, 3 meals are donated to the YouCare Hive network.

YouCare Hives Implementation:

The first YouCare Beehive test opened in Levallois in January 2022 and allows to distribute donations to all the Animal Protection associations of Ile-De-France.

At the end of 2022, a second one will open around the town of Montauban in the south.

Afterwards, other YouCare Hives will open all over France in partnership with the patrons of the 1% For Animals Label. Our goal is to have a YouCare Hive in every department in France.


Contact Us :

You are an association and need food donations? You are a company and want to participate in YouCare Hives?

The YouCare Hive program is funded by the 1% For Animals Label patrons and donors to the YouCare Association.

You can find the list of the Label’s sponsors on the website:
1% For Animals