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Launched in June 2022 during the trip to Reunion Island organized with Ultra Premium Direct, the Ocean Protection Program aims to protect marine biodiversity.


Nowadays, consumable products are largely made of single-use plastica plastic that constitutes more than 60% of marine pollution. Between 19 and 23 million tons of plastic enter the world’s waters each year. This waste degrades gradually until it becomes micro-waste, which is very often ingested by marine life

The YouCare Association and the 1% For Animals Label have therefore imagined a program whose main objective would be to implement concrete actions to protect marine life and its habitat.

Thanks to this new project, financed by the patrons of the 1% For Animals Label and the donors of the YouCare Association, we are taking concrete action by implementing 3 major actions.

Decrease in beach and ocean pollution: 

The Label organizes many Clean Walks directly with YouCare teams or in partnership with YouCare network member associations in order toeliminate a maximum of waste that could eventually land in the sea because of the wind. The organization of these Clean Walks also allows us to raise awareness of the consequences of a small piece of waste on marine life and biodiversity. 

To date, 50 tons of waste have been removed from the oceans thanks to the 1% For Animals Label and YouCare projects.

Creation of a coral nursery: 

The Label sets up collaborative projects with the member associations of the YouCare network, which also includes the restoration of the natural habitat of marine life. Corals are home to 25% of aquatic life, which is why the creation of coral reefs is essential to the survival of marine life. 

Between 2009 and 2018, already 14% of corals have disappeared and this figure is only increasing. We will therefore create our own coral nursery to restore the marine habitat of an important part of the marine biodiversity.

Safeguarding marine life: 

According to the IUCN, all the species of marine turtles are in the “threatened species” category. In order to safeguard these species, the YouCare network participates in its rehabilitation by assisting in the release of injured turtles or by planting endemic trees that favor turtle nesting.


The Ocean Protection program is financed by the 1% For Animals Label and the donors of the YouCare Association.

You can find the list of the Label’s sponsors on the website:
1% For Animals

In June 2022, the team of the YouCare Association and the 1% For Animals Label carried out an operation to save the marine life in Reunion Island, organized jointly with our sponsor company, Ultra Premium Direct: See the article