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On March 22, 2022, YouCare Association was honored to receive the Senate Medal.


This medal comes to recognizes the commitment that YouCare has demonstrated through all its operations for animal protection and biodiversity. It represents a real recognition of the State for the work done by the Association as well as its dedication during its missions.

From left to right : Sophie Deschiens (Deputy Mayor delegated to Highways, Green Spaces, Environment and Municipal Buildings) Pierre Chassat (Deputy Mayor delegated to Public Safety, Communication and Cults), Madam Mayor Agnès Pottier-Dumas, Thomas Moreau (President of the YouCare Association), Mr. Karoutchi (First Vice-President of the Senate), Martine Rouchon (Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs), David Weiss (First Deputy Mayor for Culture, Events and Youth) and Isabelle Coville (Deputy Mayor for Sustainable Development, Mobility, the Fight against substandard housing, Energy Renovation and Associations).

We would like to thank Mayor Agnès Pottier-Dumas, the municipal team of the City of Levallois, as well as Mr. Karoutchi, First Vice-President of the Senate, for this honor.