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In order to save more lives, the 1% For Animals Label will now intervene on Reunion Island to repatriate domestic animals and protect the island’s biodiversity.


The situation on the island:

According to local associations, more than 300,000 dogs and cats are strays on the island. The number of stray animals is such that the majority of the animals in Reunion Island are euthanized after three days, whereas the legal time limit for impounding animals in France is 8 days. More 1,000 euthanasias are performed each month.

While the only solution would be to launch a global plan of sterilization, the associations, according to their means, realize an extremely difficult work and are in a state of saturation. In Reunion Island, there are 3 stray animals per inhabitant. Unfortunately, the number of potential adopters on the island does not allow us to find homes for all the animals.

In parallel, the biodiversity and marine life are impacted by many factors such as pollution, global warming and erosion. In order to combat these phenomena, it is necessary to create projects that meet the challenges, in collaboration with local associations.

Project set-up:

In June 2022, the YouCare team went to Reunion Island with theUltra Premium Direct teams.

Thanks to this trip, financed by the 1% For Animals Label, we were able to meet with local associations in order to create a long-term partnership and to carry out various animal and biodiversity protection missions.

– Rescue and repatriation of dogs: Association Sauve ton Bourdon and Association Zoom

– Sterilization campaign: Sauve ton Bourdon, Zoom and Espoir Réunion

– Logistical and material support: Sauve ton Bourdon, Zoom and Espoir Réunion

– Protection of beaches against erosion and protection of nesting sites for marine turtles: CEDTM

– Fight against coastal pollution and protection of marine life : PropRéunion

Rescues and repatriations will be led by the YouCare Association team as part of the 1% For Animals New Life Program. The number of rescues and sterilizations is kept up to date on the article dedicated to this program: New Life

The missions of preservation of the coastline and marine biodiversity will be led by the team of the YouCare Association within the framework of the Ocean Protection Program of the 1% For Animals Label. The progress of this program is summarized on the dedicated page:
Ocean Protection

Actions taken during this trip:

A Clean Walk was carried out with PropReunion on a beach polluted by plastic. In total, we account for 1.7 tons of plastic removed from the oceans.

Ultra Premium Direct funded the removal of 5 additional tons of plastic thanks to a donation generated by the “Together for the Ocean” reusable water bottles. This charity water bottle is available in a limited edition of 1000 pieces and allows the removal of 5 kg of plastic.


Ultra Premium Direct has made a a donation of 500 kg of kibble to local YouCare Network members.

Natoo, Denitsa, Noholito and Azuima with Ultra Premium Direct kibble bags

We have repatriated in France 8 dogs from Reunion Island thanks to the help of the Association Sauve ton Bourbon and Zoom. An emotional moment with the talents since each of them is a godfather or godmother of a dog!

We have planted 20 endemic trees in Reunion Island to preserve the beaches from erosion and to help the sea turtles lay their eggs.

We funded the installation of 75 meters of fencing to protect the trees planted on the beach.

beach protection barrier meeting

Future actions:

The actions carried out during this 5-day trip are only a glimpse of all the actions that will be carried out thanks to the 1% For Animals Label. Many other actions are to come on the island of Reunion!

Once this project is mature, we will duplicate them on the other islands of France requiring the 1% For Animals Label.

To follow our actions :

❤️ Program: New Life
🐶 Adoption page featuring the profile of each rescued animal.
Program: Ocean Protection


A big thank you to Ultra Premium Direct who made this great operation possible. Without this company and its team extremely committed to the animal cause, the 1% For Animals Label would have started its operations in Reunion Island much later. The dynamism and the important financial support of Ultra Premium Direct allowed us to accelerate the implementation of these rescues in a direct way.

Thanks also to the local associations Sauve ton Bourbon, Zoom, Espoir Réunion, Propreunion and CEDTM for their daily work and their commitment. Finally, a big thank you to the talents that accompanied us on this extraordinary journey. Thanks to their influence and commitment, we have been able to make hundreds of thousands of people aware of the wonderful work done by the associations.